Thanks for your interest in sending a book for review consideration at BookPairing.

My policies for pairing books are as follows:

  • Please try to provide some idea of a pairing for your book. With a strong pairing behind it, I’m more willing to write a post about it.
  • I will not accept every book for a pairing. Please see my review archive for more of an idea of the types of books I generally read and write about.
  • I do not create a pairing for every book I read. Generally, I don’t write up pairings for books that I’m a bit meh over. It’s not worth my time and the time of the person reading.
  • That being said, my pairings are my honest thoughts on a book. I try to write my exact feelings when I do write a review, whether positive or negative.
  • I can accept hard copies and e-books intended for the Kindle.

If you’re still interested in possibly seeing your book as a pairing, you can email me at nkkvanry[at]gmail[dot]com with details. Thanks!