Friday Wrap-Up: Best of January

Oh January, you big soddy month, you. It turned out to be a month for great reading, a partial adherence to resolutions, and other funtimes.


In some startling way, I actually managed to finish eight books this month–quite a few of those chunky–AND actually turn around reviews pretty quickly.

Let’s take a moment and appreciate that last title. You should all be very excited about the pairings in order for that one.

I also did a guest post for One Librarian’s Book Reviews this month which featured the indomitable Margaret Atwood alongside a collection of folk tales featuring heroines. Double ship and sinker. There was also a giveaway for BookRiot’s fantastic book, Start Here, complete with dog photos (couldn’t resist).

In real life, I overtaxed way too many brain cells at a local conference, WordCamp Phoenix, but also met some fantastic people (with whom I subsequently destroyed more brain cells during the afterparty).

Thanks to Jessica at Quirky Bookworm, I finally made concrete plans to attend the Tucson Festival of Books. She said some name like “Mary Doria”… what? and it was permanently added to the Google calendar. I also got immediate clammy hands, because what happens if I actually bump into Mrs. Russell?? Emergency plans are already being formulated.

What did you do and read in January? 

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  • Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    Reading eight books is awesome! I only read four full length books. (But eight novellas. Go figure.) My goal is to read more this month. I’m also jealous of WorldCamp Phoenix. It sounded like a lot of fun! :D

    • Nikki Steele

      I was actually surprised I got to so many. Sounds like you basically read eight as well!
      WordCamp was a blast and met so many amazing people. :D

  • Joanna Hennon

    Great reading month! I also read a lot this month but didn’t do that well on the reviews. There’s always room for improvement!

    • Nikki Steele

      Indeed! It’s almost a bad thing since I don’t have a lot of material for next month :D

  • Kim Ukura

    What a great month! I am excited for the food/cocktail pairings you’re planning for the two unreviewed books :)

    • Nikki Steele

      It was certainly a fun time getting those ready! Should be getting together to post tomorrow :D