Friday Wrap-Up: Get Your Write On

Ahoy there! It seems there’s more than the normal frenetic writing energy going around right now. I chalk it up to the whole birds and bees and rebirth and spring-time sextravaganzas that always gets us writers rarin’ to go.

You a writer? Have you heard about…

  • The Pikes Peak Writers Conference? It’s end of April in Colorado Springs. It’s my first writing conference and I’m equal parts crap my pants excited and aforementioned crapping scared. These things happen. Thankfully, good ol’ Chuck will be a keynote speaker there, which leads me to…
  • The newest book out by Chuck Wendig, The Kick-Ass Writer: 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published, & Earn Your AudienceBold promises there folks, but I’m stoked to read it, even if I only manage to incorporate 50 or 235 of those ways.
  • The Writing Sidekick from Amanda Shofner? Shofner’s our lead for a writing accountability group that I’m a part of and I’ve been loving it. You can catch some of her enthusiasm and cheerleading for writing by signing up for her free Camp NaNoWriMo program. (Even if we are already into it a bit.)
  • BookRiot’s latest open call for writers? You’ve got until Sunday to apply for the Riot and they’re specifically looking for people who want to talk about African American fiction, Latin American fiction, romance & erotica, sci-fi/fantasy, Christian, romance, and mysteries/thrillers/suspense.

What other writerly things are going on that I’ve missed? 

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  • Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    Ooooh. You’ll be in Colorado Springs? I have a friend who lives there.

    Thanks for The Writing Sidekick shout out! Lots of enthusiasm and encouragement in our group and on Twitter with the #wsidekick hashtag. Woo hoo! :D

    • Nikki Steele

      Oh cool! I’ve heard it’s a gorgeous city :D

      Woot woot!