Food Riot Rewind: Oh She Glows Cookbook Review

oh_she_glows[I thought about turning this into two posts, one for Food Riot and one here, but couldn’t think of too much else to say beyond what I wrote here. I’m still loving the cookbook, having made the Orange Miso Noodle Bowls, Citrus Tea multiple times, Banana Bites, as well as the Indian Cauliflower Soup and Cookie Dough Balls. The Cookie Dough Balls were as good as everybody was raving about!]

I think I’ve made it pretty clear around here that I’m a bit of a fan-girl when it comes to Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows. Voted “Most likely to be read on Monday morning when I’m committing to be healthy for the week” in last year’s food bloggers wrap-up post, Liddon continues to provide carnivore-friendly vegan meals that have now been incorporated into my everyday routine.

She’s also all sunshiney and happy. So much so that I feel like I want to hang out with her and do yoga and drink green tea and talk about the beauty of life.

A bit too far?

Annnnyways. There is now an Oh She Glows Cookbook that is absolutely marvelous. It contains over 100 vegan recipes that promise both flavor and ease. They’re approachable in ways that most vegan recipes aren’t, while still pushing us all beyond our comfort zones a bit. There’s tons of sunshiney and happy photos (I just. I can’t do cookbooks unless there’s tons of photos).

More importantly, there are NOT tons of recipes that are just iterations of non-vegan recipes with pseudo food products thrown in as replacements. She makes her cheese sauces with cashew cream, not fake cheez. She makes recipes that are mostly *gasp* vegetables, and not buffalo chicken (NOT REALLY CHICKEN) tenders.

osg_bananasI got the Oh She Glows Cookbook in the mail less than a week ago and have already made three recipes: Metabolism-Boosting Green Citrus Tea, Orange-Maple Miso Empowered Noodle Bowl, and Almond Butter-Banana Bites. That’s a whole meal, folks, that was super tasty and easy to put together. Hubz was a bit apprehensive about an “empowered noodle bowl” but, um, he scarfed it down. And got seconds.

I love that Angela Liddon has made me a better cook with the use of whole grains, vegetables, and beans. Now I’m looking forward to using her pantry section to help fill out my own kitchen. I may not be quite a vegan yet, but I’m getting a few steps closer every time I fall in love with another of Liddon’s recipes.

If you want to follow along with others out there making these recipes, make sure to watch #osgcookbook on Twitter and Instagram. It’s fun watching different people experimenting with the same recipes. (True life: The Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites are definitely winning over on social. It’s like watching a fast-paced food popularity contest.)

Do you read the Oh She Glows blog? Have you picked up the cookbook yet? 

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  • Marie

    I just bought this last week. I love it! I’ve been searching for a cookbook that I want to challenge myself to cook every recipe from, and I’ve decided that this is the one. The Protein Power Goddess bowl is fabulous, by the way. I’m thinking of making the chocolate pudding cake for a family dinner tomorrow night. I’ll serve it with some coconut milk ice cream and see if anyone misses the dairy. ;)

    • Nikki Steele

      Oooh yum! That chocolate pudding cake looks absolutely amazing. I already really want to try her coconut whipped “cream” recipe. :D