Crickets, Rickets


Crickets. That’s about all you’ll be hearing from me in the next week.

I hope you’re out there doing wonderful, exciting things and we’ll catch up next week, okay? Imagine me and you, chai teas or coffees balanced on our laps as we gesticulate wildly about all the awesome books we’ve read and things we’ve done.

Next week.

Until then, let me know what you’re reading  in the comments. You should also stop by the Tucson Festival of Books, and if in Arizona, make a plan now to attend this amazing event. I mean, Mary Doria Russell. Get on it already!

(And sorry if this guy was a little too buggy for your Wednesday…)

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  • Kim Ukura

    I can’t wait to hear about seeing Mary Doria Russell. That sounds awesome.

    Right now, I’m reading Eighty Days (about two female journalists trying to circumnavigate the globe in the era of Jules Vern), and The Lady and Her Monsters (about Mary Shelley and the writing of Frankenstein). I’m enjoying both a lot.

    • Nikki Steele

      I’m so excited — she’s doing a panel on Women in Western Literature that should be all the geekery.

      Those both sound excellent. Mary Shelley has to be one of the more interesting women in western literature (speaking of) and I love the idea of a book that actually gets behind her work on Frankenstein.