• Lady Vivace

    Enjoyed your talk at Ignite PHX last night. I am a former book buyer and librarian and like you an exuberant reader! Am currently reading Salt and am on Goodreads as well.

    I propose these Foodies pairings:

    A History of the World in 6 Glasses: Tom Standage with tasting of the 6 beverages;

    Chocolate: Mort Rosenblum with tastings of chocolates from various countries (this was a roaring success – we had friends comb Whole Foods, World Market and gourmet shops to score chocolates from around the globe. The winner by taste was the mole someone made) This could be a series – chocolate combined with chili, sea salt, etc.; brownies, etc

    Chocolate & Zucchini: Daily Adventures in a Parisian Kitchen – have friends each make one reciope and have a French dinner; the recipes are well written and can be made by moderately skilled cooks – and no exotic ingredients are used.

    Yours – G. Fisher

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    • http://www.bookpairing.com/ Nikki Steele

      Thanks for stopping by the blog and I’m glad you enjoyed the talk!

      I love all of these ideas, especially the chocolate one! I’ve been meaning to get more foodie related posts up and the idea of a chocolate tasting party sounds like just about the best thing. Thanks so much for the ideas!

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