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The Martian, Chronicled

You guys. You GUYS. This one was just way too easy, but it was also perfect. Ace. Stellar. All the superlatives. Of course Andy Weir’s stand-out novel The Martian should be paired with The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, because they have the … Continue reading

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Need a Beer With Gaiman’s Sandman?

Approaching Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series is always kind of intimidating. On one hand, it’s this break-through work of one of our best writers. It’s moody and dark and sets the tone for so much of Gaiman’s later pieces. But, see, it’s also … Continue reading

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Friday Wrap-Up: Best of March

In terms of reading, March can be wrapped up in one short sentence: Go out and read The Martian by Andy Weir right now. Glad we could do that. *drops mic and leaves* *shuffles back onstage apologetically and dusts off mic* But, … Continue reading

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Friday Wrap-Up: Top Five from the Tucson Festival of Books!

Hoo-boy, ready to jump right into the Tucson Festival of Books recap love-fest?? Here’s my top five. 1. Meeting authors and stuff, but also watching my great bloggy friends meet authors (and stuff)  Jessica at Quirky Bookworm got to drive … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Joseph Campbell!

Joseph Campbell–mythologist and writer–would be celebrating his birthday today if he were still alive. His thoughts on mythology though continue to influence all of us, whether we’re watching a movie, reading a book, or diving into the theory that supports … Continue reading

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