Announcing New BookPairing Facebook Page!

Isn’t it a glorious thing to just scroll through Facebook to get caught up with friends, local businesses, and blogs all on one go?


Head on over to my bright and shiny new Facebook page to receive post updates, get a smattering of random book funzies, and connect with other BookPairing readers. When I get this wine book club thing together in April, that’s where we’ll be hosting the part-ay!

(I totally just said part-ay… I can’t tell if I feel like a 13 year old or the awkward soccer mom. Oh and yes, wine book club! You have all asked and so shall you receive. Soonish.).

In case you want even MORE BookPairing, connect with me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Lastly, thanks to all of you wonderful readers! I’ve been a bit MIA over the last month, but I love the supportive feedback and comments I receive from you all even after my bit meh February performance. Here’s to a season of books and wine and awesomeness.

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  • Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    I am looking forward to this wine book club you speak of. Good stuff!

    • Nikki Steele

      Absolutely! I just might have to model it off of your Twitter drinking party you had for your readathon :D

      • Amanda @ On a Book Bender

        I approve of this! Will we be drinking wine with naughty names or will that depend on the book? ;)

        • Nikki Steele

          Oooh good question. It will depend on the book, but I’ll definitely have to sneak in a few that jive with it pretty well. May have to jump over to you for suggestions. :D