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Friday Wrap-Up: Best of March

I’m so glad to follow up a bit ho-hum February Wrap-Up with what was an absolutely fantastic March over here on BookPairing. I mean, there’s a shiny new BookPairing Facebook Page, but even more exciting, the Books Decanted book/wine club … Continue reading

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Quickie Pairings: Entrepreneuring It Up!

I just started my own business in the last six months and have been reading my way through a stack of businessy books. I try not to post about these too much on BookPairing–I want this blog to be focused on … Continue reading

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The Wise Man’s Fear and Redstone Meadery

Honestly, don’t get into a conversation with me about Patrick Rothfuss. My thoughts on the man are fast approaching worship status and I’ll sit you down and have all the conversations about his characterization, world-building, stunning use of names, and … Continue reading

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Top Ten Moments at the Tucson Festival of Books

Can I just say holy moly?! The Tucson Festival of Books delivered on the promise of a weekend full of books and authors and awesome. Here is my list of the top ten moments of the festival, with no resemblance … Continue reading

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